Movement for People’s Police

The movement would highlight the following issues :

  1. What we have today is ’Ruler's Police’. It must metamorphose into ’People’s Police’.
  2. The executive stranglehold over the police must go. The police should have freedom to act as per the law of the land.
  3. Upholding the Rule of Law should be the supreme objective of the police.
  4. Registration of cases must improve. Assessment of crime situation should not be based on statistical figures.
  5. Police behaviour towards the common man should be marked by empathy and respect for human rights.
  6. Police must extend appropriate legal protection to the weaker sections of society, especially the scheduled castes/tribes, women and the minorities.
  7. Police infrastructure – manpower, transport, communications, and forensic support – must improve very substantially. Housing of the subordinate ranks must receive special attention.
  8. Any police officer, whether starting as a Constable, Sub-Inspector or DySP should be able to earn at least three promotions in his service career.
  9. A policeman should not be on duty for more than twelve hours, which may in due course be brought down to eight hours.
  10. Supreme Court’s orders on police reforms must be implemented. Acts legislated by state governments should conform to Court’s directions in letter and spirit.